Food and drinks that stain & discolour your teeth



Everyone's favorite morning kick start to the morning is also one of the biggest culprits when it comes to stained teeth. Coffee contains tannins which lead to staining and discolouration. Plus, because it is acidic, it alters the pH balance in your mouth, making any acidic foods you eat afterward damage and discolour your the teeth much more quickly.



Every heard the saying that sugar-will-rot-your-teeth? Whilst  a little dramatic there is a lot truth in the saying. The sugars in all your favourite treats latch onto your teeth and your mouth. When the bacteria feed off these sugars, they release acids that lead to tooth decay, which may be dark and cause holes and discoloration in your teeth.

Soda/Soft Drink

These sugary drinks act much the same as your favorite sugary sweets and treats. Giving the bacteria in your mouth plenty to feed off of and then releasing damaging acids.

Sodas and soft drinks are especially dangerous, since anything carbonated is also acidic and will create holes in the teeth and this includes sugar-free versions too.



Just like coffee tea also contains tannins
 so happily sipping on your tea in the mornings may lead to stains.

But there's more to it than that, like the hue it turns your teeth, for instance. Green tea stains teeth gray, and black tea stains them yellow.


Red Wine

Wine like tea and coffee also contains tannins. And the worst part about red wine specifically is that it will turn your teeth shades of grey which is a much harder hue to remove than yellowish staining.


White Wine

While white wine doesn't actually cause staining directly, its acid content creates little pockets on the surface of your teeth allowing other drinks and foods that can stain your teeth  to seep in deeper.  


Blueberries, Blackberries, and Pomegranates

While they may be chock-full of antioxidants, these richly pigmented
berries have a serious stain game.Our rules of thumb when it comes to these types of foods: If it’s difficult to remove the stain from clothing, it’s going to be difficult removing it from your teeth.


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