Best foods for healthy teeth

Fibrous Fruitsfruits

High-fiber fruits, like pears and apples, can help whiten your teeth. Not only do they boost saliva which helps keep your teeth clean, but their fiber content removes some stains by scrubbing the surface of the teeth.


Cheese lovers are in for some good news as you may be fighting cavities with every amazing bite. Research suggests that eating cheese can lead to a higher pH level in the mouth, which slashes the risk for cavities.


Water does more than just keep you hydrated as research suggests that drinking plenty of water keeps the teeth and gums healthy, and fluoridated water in particular helps battle tooth decay.


Nuts have many amazing health benefits, from boosting weight loss to fighting aging and more. And now we can add one more thing to that list: strengthening our teeth. Because of their protein content, nuts protect our teeth and keep them strong. Plus, the chewing it takes to eat each one helps stimulate saliva production, so they also help clean the mouth.


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