5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Teeth Whitening Powder

Since the beginning of time, humans tended to their oral care through the use of tooth powders. The Egyptians formulated a tooth powder that consisted of burnt eggshells, pumice, and the ashes of ox hooves. Suffice to say, we’ve come a long since then. With the invention of toothpaste, and eventually whitening gels, the oral hygiene game has changed. But it has not passed tooth powders by. Without the use of fluoride and artificial sweeteners we have formulated the best teeth whitening powder. That’s right. Talk about a real #GameChanger. We said “teeth whitening powder.” Not only is the teeth powder out there no longer made from ox hooves, but it has the ability to whiten your teeth! 

What makes Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder stand up against all the other toothpastes out there? Simple. It cleans and whitens your teeth without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guarantees that Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is safe when used as directed, and give you the results that you desire. 

So let’s give you five reasons why compared to all the toothpastes littering the drug store shelves, Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is the best teeth whitening powder on the market to leave your mouth feeling healthy and refreshed.

Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is Fluoride-Free

    It’s in our water. It’s in baby formulas. It’s in toothpaste. Fluoride is everywhere! Yes, fluoride as in sodium fluoride. We’re talking about the substance that the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) label as “toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact.” Fluorides are considered more toxic than lead. But hey, it’s at least slightly less poisonous than arsenic.
    Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder Fluride Free

    Fluoride has become a staple in dental care when the American Dental Association (ADA) signed off on it being used in preventative dental care. It is believed to strengthen the enamel on our teeth. This ideal led to 90% of the American water supply being laced with this toxic chemical. Overexposure to fluoride has now been linked to debilitating illnesses such as osteoarthritis, bone and uterine cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and skeletal fluorosis.

    Teeth whitening powder does not contain fluoride. That makes Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder safe for your children to use as well. Excessive fluoride intake by mothers can result in some birth defects. Over consumption of fluoride has been linked to lower IQ’s in younger children. These sorts of risks are unnecessary. Using Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder will give your family a beautiful smile and peace of mind.

    Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder Contains no Artificial Colourings and Flavourings

    Let’s face it. Brushing our teeth was never our favorite thing. That means it is most likely not your loved one's favorite thing to do either. Due to this, many types of toothpaste in grocery stores add artificial colourings and flavourings to make their products look cool and taste good. 

    Enwhiten Teeth Whiten Powder

    Many toothpaste brands contain sodium saccharin, sorbitol, and aspartame. These are the same artificial colourings and flavourings that have been in the news for worsening symptoms of ADHD and containing carcinogens. Aspartame infamously made headlines recently, as it was removed from Coca-Cola products. 

    So why should these ingredients remain in our dental hygiene regimens? The answer is that they shouldn’t. That is why Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is in its natural state. We have not changed anything about its appearance and taste. It just does what it’s supposed to, which is be the best teeth whitening powder available.

    Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder Removes Plaque More Effectively Than Toothpaste

    Drop the mic. The article is done. A study was conducted on 36 participants where the plaque-removing efficacy of tooth powder was compared to that of toothpaste. The participants were split into two groups. Half would use toothpaste and the other half would use tooth powder. From there, the groups were split once more. Half would use a brush, while the other half used their finger. Unanimously, more plaque was removed by tooth powder than by toothpaste.

    So, why would we not want to use a product without harmful ingredients that does more for our overall oral health? Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder does everything toothpaste can, minus the potential threats of cancer, ADHD, or osteoarthritis.

    Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is More Effective Than Charcoal

    Charcoal is another natural oral care remedy that has been making the news rounds.  We must admit that charcoal is a great organic teeth whitening powder, but it does not have the results of Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder. Our formula specializes in leaving your teeth the whitest they can naturally be. That is what makes it the best teeth whitening powder around, and why we would recommend using it over charcoal.  

    Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder is Easy to Use

    Cashing in your toothpaste for Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder doesn’t mean you have to hang up your toothbrush. If you’re worried that this is more complicated than squeezing some toothpaste onto the brush and going about your business, then fear not! All you need to do is simply wet your toothbrush and dip it into the Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder. Brush your teeth at a 45 degree angle thoroughly. Make your dentist proud! Get in there! Brush for at least 2 minutes, and then rinse with water. You can do this multiple times a day without any worry of harmful ingredients such as fluoride or aspartame. 

    If you are not ready to give toothpaste the boot, fret not. You can still use toothpaste after you brush with Enwhiten Teeth Whitening Powder. You will still get the fluoride you are accustomed to with the toothpaste, while also receiving the natural whitening powers of the best teeth whitening powder.


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